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What's Inspiring Me Right Now

m gearing up for my 2nd Annual Runway "Grand Boudoir Rendezvous" at the Grand Banquet Room this January! Below are a few mood boards I've created that were inspired by the venue and the pieces, and some of these mood boards helped create a few of the accessories, lingerie sets, and helped bring together the sketchbook/couture segment. Vibe Inspiration Board 1 A little vague possibly, but each image stirs something in me from runway route to applique to outfit. See if you can spot how these images represent or influenced Grand Boudoir Rendezvous when you attend the show! Segment 1 Inspiration You might be able to guess the theme of this segment. I thought it would be fun to include one of the pieces, Valentina, in this mood board. Segment 2 Inspiration This mood board gives away the segment completely! I gave it a personal touch by adding a photo of my mom (top left) from my parent's wedding day, as her whole look gave me major inspiration, and I will be using her veil in this segment. I also included the Annita set in this mood board. Segment 4 Inspiration Yes, I skipped a segment on purpose. I can't reveal everything two months before the show! Here I included the Verra set, the Runaways, and my idol, Siouxsie Sioux. Siouxsie has been inspiring me for a decade, ever since I seen Marie Antoinette (2007) and heard Hong Kong Garden during the masquerade scene, I have been hooked. The last runway sold out with standing room only, click here to reserve your seat now!

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