Behind the Seams: Versa

My passion for sleep and loungewear first started when I was only 12 years old. My mother took me to what is now our favorite thrift store and bought me my first silky robe. It's black, with baby pink polka dots and trim. For the next few years, my personal sleep and lounge collection would grow from Oscar de la Renta, vintage Victoria's Secret, to Intimate Treasures. Vintage fashions had always been a favorite of ours, and would continue to inspire my personal wardrobe, and the Ms. Limon V aesthetic.

I have always made it a point to create lingerie that is both comfortable and cute, sexy and stylish, lounge and lust worthy but this year I wanted to delve into a designated sleep and loungewear collection, with a few pieces doubling as outerwear, as inspired by both my thriftiness and love for the 80's/90's. What added more fuel to this velvety flame was my trip to Europe, finally fulfilling the sparkling dreams of the 12 year old me, watching Moulin Rouge and Marie Antoinette (2007), finally seeing the costumes and interior design in person set my soul on fire. I could not wait to get home, hunt down fabric, and sew it together. During the plane and train rides I went through photo after photo for more inspiration, looking through past designs and current mood boards. This desire would not be satiated for another month and a half after creating the collection then shooting it.

Lastly, my need for a larger lounge and sleep wear wardrobe was finalized with the filming of my podcast Lounging with Limon. I had wanted to bring more attention to the Fresno fashion scene for quite some time, and this seemed like a fun way to do it! Fruit, cheese, and drinks, with a fluffy cohost and comfy pjs? Just say yaaaas!

I named my first sleep and lounge wear collection Versa for versatility and for one of the places I visited abroad, Versailles. You might notice the gentle nod to my personal collection and to Moulin Rouge and Versailles with the silhouettes, fabrics, and accents. All are designed to be sexy and stylish in their own way, suiting different moods for a range of clients. I'm so pleased to bring my vision to life through this collection and through my weekly podcast.

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