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What to expect at 2nd Annual Runway 

The runway event is only a little over a month away! If you have not already purchased your ticket to reserve your seat, I highly recommend you click here to do so and not risk standing by purchasing the night of. A few weeks ago, I gave you an inside look at mood boards and inspiration for the second annual lingerie runway, Grand Boudoir Rendezvous. I'm so excited to share these designs that have been styled and accented for each segment and have been working with HMUA Roberto Ruz to emphasize the vibe of all 6 segments. There will be over 20 models and more than 50 designs at this runway, not including jewelry by MLV or drama accessories, with a hoop routine by Sundancer and live musical performance by Nae Alma. Here is the program for the 2018 second annual lingerie runway, Grand Boudoir Rendezvous 5:30 doors will open, you will have this time to set your donations in the donation box, sign up to volunteer for the charity of choice if you so please, take professional pictures in front of the Ms. Limon V back drop, grab a snack, grab a drink, and find your seat. Fashion films will be playing on a loop while you wait. 6:00 you are encouraged to tie up your loose ends and find your seat 6:15 the fashion films stop the lights turn off you hear music the lights brighten slightly and then.... Part 1, Segment 1: Limon V Livin Classics and recent designs styled for street and festival wear, so you can make the most of your Guilt Free Pleasures. Segment 2: Zest A mix of vivacious and edgy designs, from revisioned classics to recent favorites. And a live performance by Nae Alma A quick intermission to freshen up, take pictures next to the MLV back drop, eat some snacks, drink some drinks, then... Part 2: Segment 3: (Less than 3) <3 Romantic and red hot styles to warm you up for Valentine's Day, or any romantic and sensual occasion. Segment 4: Cherished A marriage of more recent designs and updated classics pretty pastels, bright whites, sweet creams, and dreamy neutrals for those post nuptial vibes. And finally, a hoop routine by Sundancer The last intermission to freshen up, eat some snacks, drink some drinks, snaps some snaps, then... Part 3: In this collage, I am not revealing the completed designs for either segment, just teasers so I don't ruin the surprise. Segment 5: Sketchbook Couture A selection of my earliest designs including some that have never been seen before, and others that have been updated. Segment 6: Premiere A first look at the brand new first 2018 collection, live and in front of you available for pre order! Vibrant colors in vivacious designs. Reserve your seat by purchasing your tickets now!

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