Behind the Seams: Beyond Fashion

This year I was able to participate in the 9th Annual Fresno State Fashion Show: Beyond Fashion. I dedicated my walk to my late grandmother, Mary Lazcano, and one dress to my late bunny, Charlie. It was an exciting opportunity to network with others in the local fashion scene as well as showcase my art to a newer audience.

My Grandmother
My baby Charlie

The collection was comprised of 2 dresses and 2 blazers from her closet that I re imagined, 3 new gowns from my spring collection, and 3 classic pieces. I wanted to give them a twist that would nod to my Gram but still be within my brand's aesthetic and hint at my new collection that drops April 20th; a sentimental and professional move. I went to all my suppliers to find the appropriate trims and went through old pictures, my inspirations boards... anything that felt right was considered.

I wanted the make up and nails to be similar to my Gram's, and I wanted her image in the background behind the models. I instructed them not to wear ant scented lotion, perfume, or cologne since her old perfumes were still in the clothes.

The newer gowns were inspired by her own wardrobe and her favorites from my closet. It was important to me to pay homage to the matriarch of my family, and remember her in all her spice, salt, and sugar. Soft fabrics with embellishments and movement in glamorous silhouettes. The black and white gown in particular reminded me of Charlie immediately and I knew exactly how it should look within a second of seeing it.

I didn't know I had a mandatory team building meeting right before the show, and I had spent the better part of the earliest hours of the morning sewing finishing touches. At the meeting, the district manager had mentioned grandmothers and it really struck a chord in me. The rest of the day was followed with more stress and road blocks, but my team of models were wonderful to work with; a mix of new and familiar faces.

The show started and ended early, leaving me time to catch up with my loved ones after. I'm excited to share this video and the photos with you here.

Watch the Video here

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