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This year's runway was inspired by my fascination with retro/classic movie channels, tv shows, and music videos on VH1 Classic. The runway is the sky, the models and performers are the stars. Thank you everyone who came out this night, to return guests, and to those who donated to Fresno Bully Rescue. Thank you to all the models who came from out of town, thank you to everyone for donating your time and talent and showing up. To my best friend Rayna, thank you SO much for making such a gorgeous poster AGAIN when I gave you such a vague idea.To Dave and Xandria, thank you so much for helping backstage, pre show set up, and with make up. Thank you so much to Katie, Gladys, Jocelyne, Kiara, Dezi, and everyone else who helped everyone with their hair and make up. I appreciate you all so much my heart burns! Thank you to Sundancer and Kooleidescope for returning to my runway <3 To my mom, my dad, and my sister in law Gladys, I really could not have done this without you.

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