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The first annual runway celebrating 3 years of Guilt Free Pleasures ♡ Click here to shop the looks in la tienda ♡ I'd like to especially thank my parents for their constant love and support. My dad for stepping up when others backed out, for his input and strength. My mom for teaching me to sew and her grounding, for her helping me sew. I don't know what I'd do without them. I wouldn't be here otherwise. I'd also like to thank Rayna for all her support and graphic design skills, Mercedes for being so supportive as well and for running tickets at the door. My assistant Emma was amazing and I couldn't have handled it all without her. Thank you Jesus and Agustin for doing photography and video, to Ronnie an Roberto you guys and your rhymes are amazing. Brittany and Michelle you guys brought out the beauty in all my models. Thank you Amber for teaching me priceless business skills and Talene for your knowledge and advice

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