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Thank you so much to everyone who came out and supported the second annual lingerie runway Grand Boudoir Rendezvous at the Grand Banquet Room. Thank you to my mom, who co designed the gown Jasmine Ford wore in the couture segment, for teaching me to sew and being my second pair of eyes. Thank you to my dad for supporting me doing my own thing. Thank you to my BFFL Rayna Rodriguez for not only making 2 gorgeous flyers and my business cards, but for also being my technical assistant day of. Roberto, thank you for letting me bounce ideas off your head and for creating the beauty looks and staffing the beauty squad, thank you for our friendship. Thank you Anissa Gaytan for making the video with everyone's tracks so the show could go as smooth as possible! Thank you to my assistants Dave and Kasousa, I know it was hectic and you guys handled it phenomenally. To my veteran models, thank you for being on this ride with me again. To Nae Alma and Sundancer, thank you so much for bringing your energy and talent to this runway. To the beauty squad, thank you for bringing out the best in the models and for all your skill. Jesus and Agustin, thank you for coming on board again and filming the show, yall have been my faves. To the photo team, Bug, Rudy, and Alex, thank you for coming on out and shooting so that we all have thicc portfolios!  Thank you Julia Cantu, Kristen Lee, Athenix, and Expo for your discounts and donated items. Thank you to everyone who donated to Homeless in Fresno/We Are Not Invisible Foundation.

I'll see yall next year

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