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Hola, bonjour, ciao, 你好, שלום , สวัสดี , sannu, こんにちは , नमस्ते , and hello! Welcome to the Ms. Limón V blog. I'm Anndrea Villarreal, creator, head of operations and design of this little grass roots, body positive, eco conscious, luxury, handmade lingerie company. I hope to expand into a small boutique of my own and have a local factory to help the job market in my hometown to boost the local economy. I hope to expand the Ms. Limón V platform and use it for social awareness, partly through this blog. What will this blog be covering? This blog will document the business growth of MLV, take you behind the scenes of look books, fashion films, runways, and the creative process, as well as a healthy dose of Sex Ed and Lingerie Ed. I willl also be covering how to style your Guilt Free Pleasures to events, and which events they are appropriate for. Why Sex Ed? I'm sure most of us have received the abstinence only watered down sex ed in high school, and it's time we learn more about sex, consent, our reproductive systems, sexuality, and pleasure in a frank and positive narrative. What is Lingerie Ed? Ever wonder why your bra hurts? Why some lingerie makes you feel better than others? How some lingerie can set the mood for what you want? Do you wonder why Ms. Limón V costs more than some brands, and less than others? It's time to educate yourself hon. Does Ms. Limón V have a Tumblr? Yes! Feel free to scroll through, reblog, and send asks. Will Ms. Limón V be creating a vlog? Yes! It is in the works as you read this. I will also be making Sex Ed videos.

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