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Behind the Seams: Woodward

What do you do when a talented photographer messages you to shoot in 15 hours? You throw ideas around, book models, and put the sewing pedal to the...carpet. After figuring out prop and background colors along with the models' measurements and location, I mixed together classics and new designs that were client favorites, but not shot often. I played around with characters and campaign ideas, but ultimately what brought this together is my enduring adoration for courtesans. It was such a pleasure working with local cosplayer Desiree Garcia and saleswoman Monica Stevens! Desiree has walked in my runway Estilo de Amor and I have never worked with Monica, Bug Leon, or Jasmine Ford on a shoot before. Creative teams work best with laughter, freedom, and collaboration. It was a fun 3 hours. Woodward is such a gorgeous campaign; impromptu and passionate. I styled it with personal items from my own wardrobe: my faux fur coat, motorcycle jacket, and cream knit cardigan, paired with lace top thigh highs for that luxe, seductive look. Shooting in public is always tricky, and Woodward was no exception. Holding up a queen size comforter so models' can change, carrying the chair, lugging wardrobe, and snacks to the location was quite the mini hike, but we indulged in some pizza mid shoot. I always feel a little somber post shoot; from when we hug good bye, leave location, unpack.. up until I see the pictures and video! Click here to enjoy Woodward

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