The Briefing on Men's Underwear: Finding the Perfect Fit

Have you been looking for the perfect fit, but aren’t winning the battle of the bulge? I’m here to lighten the load with some helpful fit-tips on sizing, styling, and care. Sizing Are the bands at the base of your legs too constricting? That means it’s time to size up. Are you tucking your chonies into your pants? If so, they’re probably a size too big. If the legs are too big, then size down. Don’t worry over a tight waistband because they are meant to stretch out. Feeling pinched in certain areas? Size up! The size will shrink after a run in the washing machine anyway. Make sure that you don’t put your underwear in the dryer. That will break down the elastic of your favorite skivvies over time. Boxers Best choice for men with slimmer thighs, fuller bums, and for sleepwear. Best styled with looser or pleated pants. You will enjoy the breathability of this style but will lack support. Boxer Briefs and Trunks The top choice for men with full bums, who are tall, or wear suits. For tug-free layering; slimmer throughout the seat and thighs. This hybrid gives you the best of both worlds and is by far the most popular and modern option. Briefs Best for suits, fit gentlemen, well endowed gentlemen, men with impressive thighs, or shorter gentlemen to make you appear taller. Most briefs should provide support and structure. Though you might end up looking flatter in your front—but most usually have contours to provide support without diminishing your assets. Thongs & G-Strings For the gentleman looking to make a statement and not underwear lines, these two cheeky styles are not for the shy guy. Replenishing 

How will you know when to throw your drawers in the trash instead of the laundry? Over-stretching, holes, fading, and stains are major red flags to purchase some new chonies. I totally recommend having 14 to 20 pairs for day to day use, laundry day, special occasions, and gym time.

Care Keep away from the dryer and fabric softener! The dryer is just too hot for your undies. It will cause fading and will kill the elastic. Wash in cold water with detergent only. If at all possible, hand wash and hang dry only. Do not wring it out. As a designer, it is my joy and duty to provide the best fit for each body type and occasion, as well as ensure quality garments that last as long as possible. I hope this blog was helpful in finding the perfect gift wrap for your package. Shop gentlemen's underwear here!♡

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