BTS: Lingerie Liaisons

Gift wrap yourself this holiday season in laces, velvets, and shimmering accents worthy of this winter.

I have always been a festive person. This time of year is my favorite! The food, the fashion, the fiestas. I wanted to curate a collection full of leisurely luxury and shimmering joy. To bring this to life, I thought my cousin's cabin the old Eagle Nest Lodge would be suitable to show the luxury aspect and really bring in the holiday vibes without it being overkill.

I didn't want to release ALL my new designs, I have to save a few for the runway and the premier collection, right? It seemed fitting for my end of year, winter holiday collection to be a mix of this year's sparkliest designs and a few new ones, with fresh faces Kiara Johnson (runways) and Rachael Buenrostoro modeling them. Cory Mayo had wrapped so efficiently on Autonomy he was the obvious choice for another rushed project, we discussed release date, planned the schedules and set the shoot for November 4th.

We carpooled to the cabin up near Shaver Lake, took the time to get the settings and lighting right, then went to work. 4 dresses, some jokes, a few lighting then lense adjustments, and 7 lingerie sets later we wrapped shoot.

We ended the shoot in a prayer and barbecue, headed home knowing we had made art. This is probably my favorite collection since Cherished and I'm super amped to share it with ya'll.

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