BTS: La Luna Loca

My premier swimwear collection La Luna Loca is inspired by the beauty of Mexico and fun nights out. Bold colors in complimentary silhouettes with flirty accents in breathable materials. All pieces are designed with hot nights in mind, whether you're lounging poolside or slinking around the house, they are guaranteed to be your most comfortable and alluring pieces.

My trip to Mexico inspired me so much, the food, the music, the beach.. I felt so much joy and everyone I met was so kind and full of life. I never wanted to leave. I promised myself I would come back. a whole year later it would inspire me to create this mood board and move forward with a swim collection.

I went with familiar faces Ramona Trinidad (runway, Flower Dute) and Shayna Boyles (Cherished), and Agustin Urbano (Flower Dute, Zest, Cherished, runways), and Gladys Villarreal for make up to create a team of reliability, relaxation, fun, and zest. It ended up being a two night shoot to capture all the shots and pieces but everyone was up for the challenge and a dip in the pool. I wanted the shoot to specifically be during the full red moon and at night to capture the wild, sexy, mysterious vibe.

I have always had pieces that could DOUBLE as swimwear, but never swim specific designs. I traveled up and down California for the right materials and accents. I was excited to bring clients a new section to choose from! What are your favorite pieces of the swim collection?

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