BTS: Autonomy

Inspired by my oldest playlists and the Greek Goddess Persephone, this collection is a compilation of classic designs and fresh out of my notebook, with a few twists on familiar ideas. Lounge and seduce in luxurious velvets and laces with eye catching accents.

I was talking to my best friend and mentioned I couldn't find my old iPod nano charger, and that it had so many songs that I had downloaded from Limewire on it and couldn't listen to them anymore; she told me that she had lost her iPod a while ago and would give me her chord. I was so thankful! I could relish in my dark phase and remember songs I would listen to on repeat while riding the bus. See below some of my earliest designs.

I went home, charged it, and played it on my trip to LA. I was inspired! So many feelings and songs and bands, I remembered my outfits from high school when I first began sewing. It felt like returning to my childhood home, to my roots. I was in my happy place with the darkest music. Fabric shopping became easy, I had a goal. Bring that black lace part of me back to life. I had finished my swim, couture, and dress collections, full of life and fun. It was time for another part of me to come out and play, right in time for fall and my favorite holiday, Halloween.

So pleased with his work on my dress collection I reenlisted Cory Mayo for his vision, productivity, and can do attitude, and Jasmine Medusa for her look, work, and fit for the shoot. It was natural to shoot with her since we had worked together on my runways and I had gone to school with her during the time that inspired me most.

As it seemed to be a trend, this collection was also a two evening shoot. We tried so hard to get the right lighting to fit the vibe at Lost Lake. I am so pleased with this collection and how the campaign has turned out. It was all worth it!

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