Behind the Scenes of Flower Dute: Mood Boards to Shoot. The Creative Process.

As soon as I finished designing the pieces and started planning this shoot, I already knew I wanted to reference my first look book " Love Yourself ". I revisited my first photo shoot, remembering my sister in law doing the model's make up, me having to do photos because the photog bailed. I picked my favorite shots from and decided to try and recreate them with my newest designs and fresh faces.

 While remeniscing on my oldest look book, I realized shooting in my room wouldn't cut it this time around and searched for another setting. A friend offered up her beautiful home, but I came to realize after scheduling issues that shooting at a home I have already shot at would be easier, and my oldest clients might enjoy seeing the settings again. Practicality, style, and sentiment. It was perfect.

I  was ecstatic when Montana Paxton of Montana Macrame, Le Mode, and Clement Creative Collective agreed to let us shoot at River Bottom Ranch again. I started planning poses in the familiar rooms, deciding on props, hair, and make up. Referencing 2 look books with a twist. I adored how everything tied in together and was excited to work with my creative team.

 My sewing machine ended up taking a major dump on me, and a miscommunication happened, forcing a reschedule. Things continued to get hectic, and a change in team members was necessary to wrap in time to release the collection in time for Ms. Limón V's 4th birthday. Casting as well as picking the visual artist have always tough decision. Pulling together a creative team is always laborious. Luckily another friend of mine suggested her model friends and we were good to go.

Flower Dute is by far one of my favorite collections to date, and I had a fun time shooting as hectic as hiccups were. Equal parts direction and collaboration. We shot two days before the 2nd Annual Lingerie Runway, Grand Boudoir Rendezvous, and it was so nice seeing everyone after the shoot.

I'm so pleased with everyone's enthusiasm to get the job done and to get the right shot, and delivering it on time. There were a lot of outfits and rooms to shoot in, and we're all surprised it wrapped within 5 hours.

I hope you enjoy  Flower Dute  as much as I do! Read the inspiration behind the collection here

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