BTS: Necessità

Necessità, Gowns to shimmy in, gowns to dine in, gowns to live in. My premier collection of gowns were designed to fit into your life and onto your body, whether or not you choose to line your gown, it will always come with pockets.

I created this collection on a whim, if I am making swimwear and jewelry, why not gowns as well? I wanted to create a solution to a problem, beautiful gowns with pockets from xxs to 4x. I took into account what I wish I could wear going out, what I wish I could see. I thought of all the times my friends had complained about their dresses or just simply wished for more. I thought of the icons that inspired me. I searched up and down California for fabrics that invigorated and excited me. Trims that could double as accents, be an accessory themselves. Something easy to wear and hard to not desire.

I had already created couture gowns and body suits, why not move forward with dresses? I had made dresses and vests for myself. It only seemed like the natural thing to do. Hiring Cory Mayo after seeing his portfolio of portraits and previous fashion work seemed like the next step, as well as working with one of my favorite models Hazel Vellichor from my annual runways as well as familiar faces Ramona Trinidad(runways, Flower Dute, La Luna Loca) and Shayna Boyles (Cherish, La Luna Loca). I knew these models could handle their own MUAH, as well as pose themselves and take direction.

Day of shoot, the photographer discovered the sunflower maze I had dreamed of shooting in was recently cut down. I was crushed. I had designed my collection around that color palette, but then it came to me. Roeding park has a beautiful structure I wanted to shoot Zest in! I could finally use this familiar Fresno location. Problem solved.

This turned into a two day shoot ending at Denny's for breakfast (as all the best adventures do) due to reworking the concept for the video. Art was made, hard work was done, and we are all proud of it. Are you looking forward to more evening wear designs? What was your favorite piece from Necessità,?

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